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Choosing the Right Blinds

When it comes to selecting the perfect blinds for your home, there is more to consider than just the many window treatment options available. You may have a specific look or style in mind, but will it be both complementary AND functional for your space? And will that type and style of blind be the best option to use throughout your entire home? Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider when selecting the window dressings in each of your rooms or spaces. 

  • Are you more concerned with privacy or being able to see the outside view?
  • Should the blind provide different levels of privacy and light control throughout the day?
  • Is insulation important? Critical for west-facing windows where the afternoon sun penetrates.
  • Do you need to leave the windows open for ventilation?

Once you’ve decided the blinds’ purpose, you can select the style that best suits the room’s design, aspect and function. And then, the material and colour that best complements the décor.

1. The Blind’s Purpose

The blind’s function will generally depend on the room it’s in. If it’s the bathroom, you’ll want complete privacy. This may also be important in the bedroom, along with the amount of light you want coming in. Some prefer to wake up to natural light, and others prefer complete darkness with a block out blind. In the kitchen, dining and living areas, a screen fabric is often preferred to filter the light, rather than blocking it out.

2. The Style of Blind

The style you choose must serve the desired purpose as well as be complementary to your décor. A heavy drape may overcrowd a small room and make it seem even smaller. Venetian blinds are great in any room, although timber-look blinds are ideally suited to damp environments like the bathroom. Roller blinds are good for bedrooms, offering privacy and light control with a block out blind, and light-diffusing shade blinds are perfect for living areas or rooms with a view. Honeycomb blinds are energy-efficient as their honeycomb design keeps rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. Roman blinds add sophistication to any space and come in many colours, styles and patterns.

3. Blind Material

The material of the blind really depends on the style and the room. In a bedroom, lounge or dining room, a honeycomb, roman or timber Venetian blind may add more warmth and texture to the room.

4. Blind Colour

When it comes to choosing the colour, follow the existing style of your interior. For a streamlined, minimalistic interior, match your blinds to the wall colour or window frame. In a contemporary home, you could make a statement by choosing a bright colour – just don’t try to make too much of a statement. In a classic interior with timber accents, you could select a matching timber Venetian – or, tone down the timber element with a classic cream.

5. Call in the Experts

Choosing the right blinds can be daunting. It’s a large investment and because most blinds are custom made to measure, making the wrong decision and starting over is not really an option for most household budgets. However, when done right, the expense is worth every cent and will add thousands to the value of your home. That’s our domain so book an in-home consultation where we can discuss your needs and recommend the best solutions.

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