April 5, 2018

How do I prepare and finish my decking areas?

How to paint a house exterior Painting a home’s externals can be a lengthy topic of discussion and depending on the material they’re made from and their current condition, the prior preparation and painting method will vary. There’s a few general rules that apply to all external painting though, which we’ve outlined below. Do the proper preparation Go over the wall and give it a weatherproof seal by filling any holes with putty, and gaps using a caulking gun – use a scraper to smooth the surface.  Once finished, give the wall a light sand to smooth rough areas, dirt, imperfections, and peeling paint. Choose the right paint First and foremost, make sure the paint you select is external paint. Generally, acrylic paints (water based) are best as enamel paints (oil based) can become brittle and chalky as they age. Painting Make sure you properly stir the paint prior to […]