April 5, 2018

What window coverings do I need?

Materially speaking, your home is usually your greatest asset. Keeping it in top condition will ensure it holds its value and there are many reasons to add value by keeping it up-to-the-minute too. Rather than embarking on the huge expense of major renovations, overhauling the interior by splashing it in a fresh modern hue and redressing the windows can achieve the same effect for a fraction of the price. Whether it’s for your new home or its time to update the current, the mind can boggle at the enormity of deciding the best style, type and colour – that’s where we come in! The Basics: Block out: total privacy/darkness – great for bedrooms Light filtering: perfect for living rooms Sunscreen: daytime privacy and blocks 95% of UV rays – great for full sun-facing rooms Face mounted: above the window, or a more streamlined Recessed fit: within the window. Roller blinds: […]