The window treatment trends of 2020-21

How curtains and drapes can impact your space
August 10, 2020
Why double roller blinds are so popular
October 9, 2020
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The window treatment trends of 2020-21

Window treatments are an essential element when decorating your home. They are a great way to add your own personality and style to any room. Here are some trends we see heating up in 2020-21. 

Trends come and go in the textile industry, but they often imitate the trends in fashion. Beware of choosing a style that is in today but will be gone by tomorrow. Window treatments are too high of an expense to look like yesterday’s news in 12 months time. 

Naturals & Metallics 

As more and more people embrace indoor gardening, ornamental-themed curtains create tranquillity and bring the outside in. Nature is being transported indoors to give homes a fascinating yet relaxed atmosphere.

The blues

Premium colour and paint follow the trend to bring more harmony into our lives. Cold greys are going out, and warmer neutrals are in.  We see lots of blues in different soothing tones bringing peace and serenity into the home.

Ripple fold drapes

Ripple fold is a term for rolled pleat drapery, by which the pleating in the fabric is accomplished through making an s-curve with the tracking mechanism.  You can create a more dramatic look to add volume with deeper ripple folds, or smaller folds for a sleeker, more minimalised look. A favourite amongst interior designers and architects, ripple fold are always tailor-made to fit the desired width and fullness.

Sense of luxury

Texture is at the forefront of design in window trends and luxury materials in 2020. The rich extravagance of velvet is hard to beat, but there is one fabric that can compete: silk. Unlike any other fabric, silk has tremendous structure without feeling heavy. 

Sheer Curtains

Sheers give a highly elegant look and are quite attractive and rather useful for those seeking privacy. Constructed of semi-translucent and flimsy fabrics such as cotton, lace or loosely woven polyester, sheer curtains permit full light transmission.

The transparency of sheer curtains enables you to dress a window without limiting the entrance of sunlight into the room. Not only do sheers look elegant but they offer a light, breezy feel and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows.

Shades are always in

Shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, materials, colours, and styles. Blinds are custom made to fit your window. Choose from a selection of shades centred in neutral, classic colours or go crazy in more vibrant colours.

Bringing elements of nature into the home in a sustainable way becomes more relevant and that’s another hot trend in 2020. We see this with a spike in bamboo and wooden window coverings. 

Smart home automation

With an increased focus on “smart home” automation, it should come as no surprise that drapes and shades are no exception. The ability to access and close your cordless blinds, curtains, or shutters with the touch of a button is super handy. It also offers a range of advantages like child safety, energy savings, protection, and comfort. 

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