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April 5, 2018
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What window coverings do I need?

Materially speaking, your home is usually your greatest asset. Keeping it in top condition will ensure it holds its value and there are many reasons to add value by keeping it up-to-the-minute too.

Rather than embarking on the huge expense of major renovations, overhauling the interior by splashing it in a fresh modern hue and redressing the windows can achieve the same effect for a fraction of the price.

Whether it’s for your new home or its time to update the current, the mind can boggle at the enormity of deciding the best style, type and colour – that’s where we come in!

The Basics:

  • Block out: total privacy/darkness – great for bedrooms
  • Light filtering: perfect for living rooms
  • Sunscreen: daytime privacy and blocks 95% of UV rays – great for full sun-facing rooms
  • Face mounted: above the window, or a more streamlined Recessed fit: within the window.
  • Roller blinds: simple & affordableDouble roller blinds: mix of block-out, light filtering or sunscreen variations
  • Venetian blinds: affordable & suits most interior styles. Cheaper option to plantation shutters
  • Vertical blinds: affordable, functional and easy-maintenance
  • Panel blinds: wide panels that slide behind the other. Available in blockout, light filtering & sunscreen.
  • Curtains: available in sheer, floaty fabrics to lined, block-out drape fabric.
  • Honeycomb blinds: Opens at both top & bottom. Daytime privacy whilst also allowing light in. Pleated honeycomb design – exceptional insulation. Long lifespan water/fade resistant material.
  • Plantation shutters: Very popular & suits most interior styles. Custom made for any window. Great for wet areas, Excellent insulation/energy-saving benefits that can offset initial cost over time.

Top tips for choosing the right ones

1. Set your budget
Before setting your heart on the type of furnishing and look you want, you should first set your budget. While not everyone can splurge on top-of-the-range window treatments; high-quality fittings will certainly add value, reduce energy costs and is well-worth investing in.

2. Call in the professionals! Arrange a consultation: (02) 6341 1384
Our respected team of professionals have decades of experience and are extremely passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on our extensive range, impeccable service and ability to cater to all budgets. Whether you have some idea or are more confused and undecided than ever, getting our expert advice early is essential.

The complimentary, obligation-free service comes to you to discuss your needs and budget; assess your home room by room and provide comprehensive, professional style advice, options and specialised advice on colour, texture and fabric selection.

3. Decide your style
Choosing correctly can become a huge ordeal and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many options, styles, colours and your budget to consider. By now, you’ll be equipped with our professional recommendations and will have much more clarity in determining the outcome so this step will be far easier than if you had skipped step 2!

Some treatments are more suited to certain interior styles than others. There’s also factors like room size to consider. For example; going for a more streamlined look with recessed roller blinds instead of heavy drapes, can create a sense of space to a room that typically looks and feels small.

The same can apply to an oversized room that lacks warmth. The layered, textured look of billowy sheers and dramatic drapes can add movement, ambience and completely change the dynamics of a formerly stark, uninviting space.

4. Get the colour scheme right
Perhaps the most essential aspect of ensuring the new look draws attention for all the right reasons is selecting colours that complement one another. If you’ve ever had to select paint, you’ll know there are far more than just fifty shades of white! On top of this, they don’t all go well together.

Take your time and request samples or swatches so you can see how they look in your home.

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